The blog posts on this site are written with the intention of providing insight into issues of contemporary and historical import. They seek to offer new perspectives and challenge conventional wisdoms.

The name of this blog derives from a street in Paris’ Latin Quarter, which served for centuries as the start point for the historically (and spiritually) significant Camino de Santiago. In the 1470s, France’s first printing press was established on the Rue Saint-Jacques – driving the spread of new information and ideas, and facilitating both the European renaissance and its successor, the enlightenment.

From 1789 onwards, the Rue Saint-Jacques was home to the Jacobin Club. A politically diverse society, the Jacobins’ intellectual curiosity and activism paved the way for the developments of the French Revolution – and in so doing ushered in the period which we call modernity. Their leading members critiqued long-held truths about the world around them, and in so doing opened up a space for the generation of new ideas for a progressive future.

This blog is written in the spirit of the Rue Saint-Jacques. Its author is a British citizen in their mid-twenties – who recently completed a master’s degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics, having studied undergraduate History at Oxford University.